Monday, June 8, 2009


Hooray for me! It's 3:00 in the morning (well, three o'clock at night, come on now) and I can't sleep! Hooray!

Okay, this time I'm going to see insomnia as a gift. A gift from the gods of sleep and wakefulness, bestowed upon me that I might come closer to cracking the code of night.


I'm not going to waste this precious gift of extended consciousness by watching television or reading some book I won't really digest.

I'm going to feed this blog, so that it will grow up big and strong. I'm going to take out my pen and write a letter. I'm going to finally switch the beds (don't ask).

Rumi says that in the middle of the night we are closest to God.

(Oh, blow it out your ass, Howard.)

Saturday, June 6, 2009


There are always more movies to watch.
There are always more books to read.
There is always more work to do.
There is always someone leaving.
There is always someone arriving.
There is always someone I haven't spoken to.
There is always another mile to run.
There is always a pad.
There is always a bad joke to make.
There is always something I wish I hadn't said.
There is always something I wish I had said.
There is always a decision to make.
There is always a mistake to make.
There is always a victory to claim.
There is always a way to show love.
There is always someone who said it better.
There is always another smile.
There are always more tears.
There is always another lesson to learn.

There is always always always.
And it is always alright.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

The Happy Virus

Why isn't there a Happy Virus? Someone coming back from Mexico or Bali brings a case of acute happiness with them and when they get off the plane they sneeze on someone else and that person gets dangerously happy within a matter of hours. Is that too much to ask? Or maybe somebody is really good at balancing their checkbook and they cough on me and the next day I'm really good at balancing my checkbook. Although that virus has probably mutated already and the new strain would make me a whiz with Quicken. But the point is, why do all these viruses have to be such assholes? Where can I catch the Motivation Flu? Where can I contract Sever Acute Realization Syndrome (first symptom: everything makes perfect sense)? I'd even settle for a flu which makes my hair grow back or a flu which only attacks the fatty deposits on the sides of my stomach ("aggressive lovehandlia depletion syndrome"). But no, I have to settle for Swine Flu. Swine Flu! Even the name is insulting. Not Porcine Flu, which sounds kind of classy, but Swine. Everything about these viruses is annoying. Also, viruses attack and kill their hosts. How rude is that? You come into my home, slap me around, eat all my food, and then you kill me and burn the house down? Why would you do that? I was going to make espresso....