Wednesday, February 2, 2011

I Felt Old Just Hearing This

Mom: When I was your age, I kept a diary.

Daughter: What's a diary?

Mom: A little book I wrote in every day.

Daughter: What did you write?

Mom: Oh, anything really. What I did that day, how I felt, crazy things I saw.

Daughter: You mean like a blog?

Mom: Yes, kind of a like a blog. Except I wrote it on paper and no one else was allowed to see it.

Daughter: Then why did you write it?

Mom: For me. Just my little secret place to write things.

Daughter: Yeah but why keep a blog if it's going to be a secret?

Mom: Well, I suppose it was...I mean, I guess I just liked writing down my thoughts.

Daughter: But no one else could read them! That's just talking to yourself.

Mom: Hmmmm. Maybe you'd like to keep a diary?

Daughter: Mooooommmmmmm!