Sunday, November 2, 2008

Fall Backward

Daylight Savings Time!!! A-whole-nother hour to do whatever I want! I took that extra hour and I got up out of bed and I put some music on and I danced like Moses before the Lord! (He didn't? No, I'm pretty sure he did. Maybe it's not in your version)

What a day. I woke up and it was cloudy and drizzling - which is a thing to be relished in Los Angeles. I took my lady and spent the morning at a farmer's market (farmers' market?), where the skies cleared up and we shopped for real produce beneath real blue skies. In Hollywood, no less. Everyone was in a good mood due to the weather. People were smiling, smelling the fruit, dancing to the street musicians, and trading suggestions for what to do with sprouted lentils. I walked down to Amoeba records afterward and picked up a used copy of Jack Johnson's last album.

Which turned out to be surprisingly serious.

I got home and we did the dishes, the laundry, and still had time to go see a movie (Mike Leigh's "Happy Go Lucky" - good movie). During the previews, I heard the line, "This family thinks they're normal but they're not!" and I realized that the great thing about my family is that they think they're not normal but they are. I love them for that.

What a day. I wished it rained every night.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

We Fired the P.R. Department After the Crash

I went to the bank on Halloween and all the tellers were dressed in bright red devil horns.

Somebody should have said something.