Monday, July 30, 2012

Captain's Log: Passing the Horn of Midnight

"If you see the teeth of the lion, do not think that the lion is smiling at you."


To this I would add, "If you stick you head in the mouth of the lion, do not think the lion is kissing you."

I am once again at the helm of the Night Ship, headed into the long channels of the Dark.  If I reach the Morning Isles, I will say one prayer for you, one prayer for me, and one prayer for the sleep we've lost along the way.

Now take the wheel while I go below for coffee and self pity.


savannah said...

there's one red velvet cupcake left. would that help? xox

MITM said...

Never hurts to ask someone to point you towards the fresnel lens on shore.

And, come to think of it, do you have a flashlight with you so you don't bump your head below deck?

Just asking......

Here if you need me.

Mr. Moose said...

Captain's Log: Supplemental

This journey would not be necessary were it not for the nefarious business practices of certain pirates, I mean privateers, that the Company has contracted with. On the advice of Admiral Habersham, I will settle this matter by "giving them a blast". It is amazing how diplomacy is largely a matter of a couple of well-timed shots across the bow.